ASG Announces exclusive SEL partnership with kid-grit!

Academic Solutions Group (ASG) is excited to announce a new partnership with kid-grit, the nation's premier social, emotional learning (SEL) company! kid-grit has worked with thousands of partners across 28 states in the last four years, focusing on holistic wellness and youth development. Known for their work on SEL for youth in informal/formal settings, kid-grit also offers extensive professional learning programs for adults! Engaging workshops focus on developing a growth mindset to lead youth and adults in their journey to well-rounded, life-long learning.

While organizational change is normal, the global pandemic accelerated the need for innovative, refreshing practices in the modern workplace. In response, ASG has worked collaboratively with kid-grit to introduce and expand "leader-grit," a series of professional learning workshops for organizations and leaders focused on developing corporate wellness strategies, capacity building, and leadership training. While today's workplace is evolving, it is essential to create systems that produce a culture and a climate where everyone understands how their contribution can make a difference. Organizational leaders recognize that creating value extends beyond the ROI created for their clients. Successful companies are focusing time with employees on work-life balance. The adage, "work hard, play hard," is driving companies to find new ways to enhance the employee experience.

ASG and kid-grit believe in customizing solutions for our clients, and we are committed to working alongside leaders to develop a strategy that works for you. Some popular leader-grit workshops include:

  • What’s My Why?

  • What do You Ride for?

  • Mindful Conflict Resolution

  • Growth and Fixed Mindset

  • Slowing Down with Gratitude

  • Building Powerful Community Partnerships

  • Cultural Competence in the Workplace

  • Emotional IQ and Social Emotional Learning

  • Unleashing Innovation

  • Superteam Meeting

  • What Suit Am I Wearing?

For more information or to talk to an ASG representative that can get your team signed up for these transformational workshops, click on this link: